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Reception1 885x251


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Nigeria PB200054 280x210

Angola PB230209 280x210

Nigeria PB250409 280x210




Loading 280x210


Transports 280x210




Container2 280x210

Cont.2 280x210

MeS 280x210




Leveling 280x210

CampMarma 280x210l

Container inside 280x210




Cont-Bau 280x210

Iljuschin 280x210

MeS-02 280x210




MeS-04 210x280

Sandstorm 280x210

Maint. 280x210




Angola Site Visit 2010-03 280x210

Angola Site Visit2010 280x210

Afgh.Home 280x210




Luanda 280x210

Camp 280x210

Turbo 280x210




MeS-03 280x210

Angola Site Visit 2010-02 280x210

Gravel 280x210





Denim Air280x210

CH 53_2 280x210




Container 280x210

Doves MeS 280x210

MeS Bau 280x210




Cement 280x210

Mi17_2 280x210

Jingle truck 280x210




UNO 280x210

Security 280x210

Welder 280x210




Schrott KDZ_280x210

MeS-06 210x280

Bazar 280x210




Lunch 280x210

Ochs 280x210

DA 280x210




Concrete Supply 280x210

Test 280x210

MeS-05 210x280




Nouakchott 280x210

CH sunset 280x210

MosqMeS 280x210




KBL in snow 280x210

Waiting 280x210

angola camp-site 280x210




MeS Birds 280x210

Kabul 280x210

MeS Mosque 280x210







* Clarification regarding use of pictures:
Certain pictures on this website have been taken prior to the formation of OAK TREE.
However, there is a direct correlation between OAK TREE’s management team and experts which have been responsible for the construction of those structures from the beginning to completion.


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