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Investment Opportunities

List of projects to which OAK TREE is a consultant in some instances and the developper in other projects.


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M€ 1,5

VIP Businesses-Airline

Innovative dedicated, membership-based business airline serving major routes in EU, connecting business centres from secondary airports. Details >>>

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BF Resort1

M€ 6,5

Vacation Resort Black Forest, Germany

In the southern Black Forest region in Germany a 150.000 m² area is available for the construction and operation of a vacation resort. Houses of the below mentioned type may be used. More information >>>

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€ 4,5

Winery & Facilities in Angola

A concept has been developed for the start of wine production in Angola. Know-how, as well as a European business partner are available. Interested businessman/investor required. Additional information >>>

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BFVR Home 1

MUSD 4,5

Factory for Prefabricated Buildings (various countries)

There is a concept-study for the establishment of factories for pre-fabricated buildings. The demand is prevalent in many countries; the technology support will be provided, however local businessmen for management and investment are required. More details >>>

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M€ 2,5

Factory for Prefabricated Buildings (Germany), subsidies available

Same as above, however in Germany’s Eastern part subsidies are available from government sources. The concept for Germany includes the construction of strongly standardised houses with equipment installed, turn-key ready.


car MRO1

MUSD 2,3

Vehicle Service, Repair & Maintenance Centre Africa

Establishment of Maintenance centres for vehicles (trucks and heavy equipment in various African countries). More details are available.


MeS Tieles

USD 500k

Modernization of Manufacture for traditional Mosque-Tiles in Afghanistan

Mazar-e-Sharif’s Blue Mosque houses a traditional handicraft production of tiles for mosques. The project supports the improvement and modernisation of this traditional handicraft. More details >>>

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Baobab tree1

USD 300k

Angola - Baobab tree fruit harvesting for export

Invest required for small community-project in Angola for the collection and treatment of Baobab tree fruit (Baobab Bouye) for marketing in Europe. More details >>>

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Jet Flight1

USD 132k

Military-Jet Flights Facility (business case development phase)

Establishment of facilities to provide Military-Jet Flights (MiG 29 or similar) to paying customers on a former military airfield, located directly at the Black Sea coast. Funding covers development of business- case only. More details >>>

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€ 120k

Installation of Aircraft Re-cycling Facility in Bulgaria

In Bulgaria a number of un-used former military airfields are available for the installation of aviation related businesses. With thousand of aircraft going out of service in coming years this offers excellent business opportunities. € 120k is required to complete project study and determine the investment requirement for the installation. More details >>>

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