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Potable water / drinking water

Wherever we deal with water, especially in warm climates and environments, we may expect pathogenic agents. Those may be harmful for human being s as well as for animals.

It is therefore of utmost importance that facilities such as hospitals, schools, hotels, conference centres and other social meeting places are kept clean, hygienic and aseptic.

It is also true for all livestock breeding facilities whether its horses, sheep, cattle, chicken or fish. Using purified water in livestock breeding reduces sickness and mortality and improves healthy growth.

In partnership with VOIGTLAENDER we provide a water-purification system which originally was developed for the immediate on-site use in the purification of water for use as potable water (drinking water). 

While the “VOIGTLAENDER Generator” is used to created disin- fectants which are fed into the water stream, the system is combined with filter-systems, as required by the available water source.

This technology can be used for all kinds of water purification: swimming pool water purification, sterilizing of water in air conditioners and sprinklers, cleaning-water for hospitals and households, airport potable water production, sewage disinfection, etc. and also for the revitalization of infected and algae infested waters.

Waste Water Treatment

Drinking Water

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