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Customized container building

We build all kinds of containers according to our clients’ requirements.

Containers are either built from scratch with new materials or used transport containers are used and refurbished. Used transport containers are well-liked for their stability and strength.

  • Office containers
  • Accommodation containers
  • Shower, ablution, toilet containers
  • Conference rooms
  • Launches
  • Guard houses
  • First Aid stations
  • etc.

Air conditioning, heating, electr. applications, it cables, furniture, servicing: on request.

Everything is build in accordance with German/European standards

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Double combined living and toilet/shower container
with patio


BW Büro Doppelcontainer 325x150

BW Büro Doppelcontainer 325x155

OT StandardCont_inside 325x133

OT StandardCont_inside 325x164


OT Standard Office_3 Shower 180x320 OT living  furnishing Shower-Toilet
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