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Project Support & Business Development

  • Project Management: Consultation, Survey, Realisation & Operation
  • Client-Business Development around the World
  • Representation & Business Development ANGOLA
  • Consultation, planning, realisation and operation

    Whether you need consultation, planning or project management, almost anywhere on the globe, we provide the know-how and expertise for you. Many details must be taken into consideration to create a safe, healthy and efficient environment for your project
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  • 3rd-Party Business Development
  • Worldwide, there are many countries which experience huge economic upturns; others are on the verge of it. Most are countries with significant natural and mineral resources and their exploration brings considerable wealth to these nations, creating interesting markets and business opportunities.

    Often those countries have a history that has prevented broad economic development and the build-up of industrial and commercial skills. As a result, they face a large know-how backlog in many areas. Therefore European know-how, craftsmanship and industrial performance, as well as quality standards, reliability in performance and output are recognized and appreciated. Most of these countries are not in the focus of our media and therefore they often are not perceived correctly. However, to flexible and agile SMEs they offer significant development opportunities. OAK TREE is here to facilitate our clients’ start there. 

    LIFE SUPPORT projects

    • Site surveys
    • Plans, concepts and catculations
    • Permits and licences
    • Local procurement
    • Local contractors
    • Health & safety arrangements
    • Security & precautionary measssures
    • Satellite communication
    • Human resources
    • and more

    Whatever is required to allow you to concentrate on your core business, we will provide.



    (Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia)

    In this category we count countries such as … Afghanistan, Angola, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Ghana, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Libya, Mongolia, Nigeria, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, South Sudan, Turkmenistan, Tunisia and some others.Some of the countries have international investment-guarantee- laws and bilateral-agreements in place.

    OAK TREE provides market-entry strategies and arrangements of all kinds, resaerch, partner search, opens local representations and prepares everything for its clients.

  • Office for Business Development & Representatio
  • Angola isa country with a considerable wealth due to its rich mineral resources (oil, diamonds and other minerals) and the fertility oft he land.

    The country is politically stable and invests its revenues in a focused way in the development of the country. Corporations, professionals, know-how and technologies are needed from abroad and good performance is valued positively and profit expectations are high.

    With our office the establishment and careful development of relation- ships, both in the private and public sector, we fulfil the requirement for a local presence and addressability.

    Moreover, the on-site presence is proof of sincerity and purpose.

    We provide this office with a mutitude of services to our clients’ benefit.

    More details are found here.



    Luanda, Angola